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Blockchain came too swiftly, too strongly and too globally. Like an alien invasion. Legislators struggle to keep pace. The regulatory landscape is turbulent and legal treatment differs wildly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Everything about distributed ledger technologies is as subject to Law as it could be. Nothing is „extralegal“ in crypto. There is no such thing as „code is law“ in decentralized databases. Law is Law, in all areas.

Blockchain Blockchain is Internet. Internet is global. Law is local. Legal practice and professional services are licensed on a strictly local basis. Compliance risks are global and jurisdiction-specific. No such thing as a universal «bitcoin attorney» exists. There are no legal services supermarkets with neat shelves of turnkey solutions and fixed price tags.

Behest spreads globally by ad hoc and bespoke configuration of all the professional service providers relevant to your project. Comprehensive compliance infrastructure and optimization planning are inevitably the first things to look for.

Blockchain ties bits up. Behest chains your circuitry of Law together. Crypto Law is not an industry, it is inherently artisanal. Our job is to help your blockchain enterprises safely navigate through the compliance realm from idea to exit.

TheBehest approach is case by case, side by side, holistic and based on joint contribution. Together, we will carefully map the route ahead, identify the correct questions and precisely craft solutions specific to your businesses. In strict confidence. In a consistently dynamic and adaptive fashion. Trusted support throughout the universe of the trustless. There is an entire "internet" of jurisdictions out there.


Karov is your only point of contact to the ever-expanding Behest treasury of resources. Your portal to full compliance with the regulations pertinent to your projects

Karov is your only portal to the ever expanding Behest treasury of resources for compliance against the regulations of your projects.

The only purpose of and service provided by this website is to establish contact with Karov